Transformational Declutter Coach

Transformational Declutter Program:

(The Declutter Breakthrough Session is a prerequisite for all Transformational Declutter Programs)

Program Specifics:

  • Four weekly 3-hour, in-home Transformational Declutter sessions (total of 12 hours).
  • Begin the process of physically clearing your clutter.
  • Transformational Declutter coaching, along with emotional and spiritual support throughout your transformational process.
  • Participants have an opportunity to track their own progress and bear witness to their growth and empowerment.

Program Benefits:

Through your investment in yourself and commitment to this Transformational Declutter Program, you will:

  • Experience a greater sense of clarity about what supports you and what you can release.
  • Learn how to make wise decisions for yourself.
  • Heal your clutter issues from the inside out – to whatever depth you wish to explore.
  • Discover your voice and learn how to express yourself confidently and lovingly.
  • Expand your sense of empowerment.
  • Improve your relationship to yourself and to those with whom you connect.
  • Feel more peaceful and relaxed in your home.
  • Start to embrace your true gifts which are hidden beneath your clutter.

Transformational Declutter Program Investment Options:

  • Single Declutter Session (3-hours in your home): $295
  • Mini-Declutter Package (Two 3-hour sessions in your home): $575
  • Monthly Declutter Package (Four 3-hour sessions in your home): $1,095

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