Transformational Declutter Coach


“After reading Bless Your Mess I knew that Ashi was the perfect person to help us manage the clutter in our basement. She graciously agreed to travel to our home in Canada for a 4-day intensive project. It’s one of the best investments we’ve ever made. Ashi has the wisdom of Lao-tzu, the spirit of Oprah and the strength of Hercules. Her skills go far beyond decluttering ; she took us from absolute chaos to utter calmness in 4 days flat! Little did I know when I opened the door to my basement with Ashi that she would open the door to my soul with me. Thank you, Ashi…you are extraordinary!”

—Sue Jacques, Calgary (

“My Mom died, I turned 50, and my marriage was imploding. Ashi midwifed me through the most difficult time of my life by holding the space for whatever was there to emerge. I never felt judged, as we kept ‘moving through my stuff.’  I can’t say enough about our work together. It was an organic process that unfolded on its own, with no ‘prescription’ for how I was to do things. She provided the guidance, moving lovingly and positively forward with great respect.”

—Donna Strickland, RN MS CSP LLC, Denver, CO

“Ashi is a keen listener, with an open heart. She is a gentle, yet no-nonsense dispenser of wisdom, along with concrete action steps. I worked with Ashi for over 3 years. I revamped my diet, my home, and launched a very exciting writing and public speaking career. I owe a great deal of credit to Ashi for her guidance, intuition, and unique ability to peel back the layers of resistance, reconnect me to myself, and open the door to let the light shine through to my truly brilliant life!”

—Alexandra Hill, Denver, CO

“Ashi has been a wonderful gift and inspiration where I needed her wisdom and expertise. She is a powerful facilitator and coach and is passionate about helping people feel happier in their lives. When dealing with sentimental items, she taught me to separate the love of the person who gave the item to me from the object itself. That alone helped me immensely in the process of clearing out possessions in my deceased mother’s estate. I was able to let go of my mother’s personal items without feeling as though I was disrespecting her.”

—Dana Arell, Centennial, CO

“Ashi is magical! The changes I have experienced in my life are phenomenal as a result of working with Ashi. Not only is my house infinitely more organized and workable, but everything in my life seems to flow with greater ease and joy. She is so much more than a declutter person; she is a coach, mentor, and healer.”

—Wendy Kelly, Denver, CO