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Transformational Decluttering FAQ’s

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1. What is Transformational Decluttering?

If you are dealing with clutter, you are probably familiar with the common organizing tool of “Keep/Donate/Toss.” If you have tried that, only to have your clutter all come back, and are still stuck with feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, and hopeless, then there is a piece missing for you.

Transformational Decluttering provides that missing piece. Though transformational decluttering starts by clearing your physical clutter, it takes you beyond that. In the process of sorting your physical possessions, you will be making decisions on what to keep or release. You will be finding your “Yes.”

One of my roles as your coach is to recognize the emotions that are hidden beneath your clutter and help you move through them. You will naturally give me clues as to what wants to be revealed and healed within you, simply through the process of clearing your physical clutter. Your emotional connection to your stuff and yourself is the piece that has been missing.

In this transformational process, once something is revealed, then healing is possible. First it must be seen – then it can be healed. With healing, your authentic self will emerge and you will start to feel your “Yes.”

2. How do I get started?

Email me or call me (303.809.3554) to schedule a FREE 30-minute phone consultation. We will start a dialog to explore your current situation and discover how I may be able to help you clear your clutter.

3. What happens next?

Once you decide to invest in the Transformational Declutter Process, we will schedule a 90-minute Declutter Breakthrough Session in your home.

4. What do I have to do to get ready for your visit?

You can start by being excited that you are committing to making a change in your life. That alone is a significant and wonderful decision you are making for yourself.

Aside from this, please resist the urge to try and “clean things up” prior to my visit. I want to see how you live your daily life. That will help me help you the most. I am coming to be of service and to help you discover new perspectives that will help you live the life you want.

5. What does a regular Transformational Declutter Session look like?

In-home declutter sessions are three hours long. Together we will decide what area of your home is the best place to focus on first. We will start decluttering there and stay focused on that particular area until it is complete, whether that takes one session or multiple sessions. You will be making decisions on what you love, what supports you and what is in present time for you. If you feel resistance, or indecision, or any other emotion, I will help you move through it.

6. What is present time?

Present time is about recognizing what supports you today, as the person you have evolved into, versus who you were one, five, ten or twenty years ago. Most people who are overwhelmed with clutter have homes filled with items that held interest or were useful in years past. When you clear away those once-precious relics and surround yourself with only those things that uplift and support you today, you start to create an environment in present time that feels more alive and more joyous. To help you recognize present time, always ask yourself, “Is this who I am today?” or “Is this what I love?”

7. How long will it take to clear my physical clutter?

There is no formula for how long this takes. It truly is based on how quickly you are able to make decisions for yourself. I will be right there coaching you and showing you how to makes decisions that are based on self-love. I may ask you clarifying questions to help you, and you will always be the one to make your own decisions.

Remember, it may have taken many years, or a lifetime, to create the clutter environment in which you live. The gift of your clutter is that now you will have an opportunity to know and love yourself in ways you may have never experienced before.

8. What is my responsibility as a client in this process?

Transformational Decluttering is a co-creative, collaborative process between you (the client) and me. Recognize that you are not broken, thus there is nothing to fix. However, there are always opportunities to heal and grow.

Though I will be coaching you every step of the way, you are in charge of how that process flows based on your willingness to show up, move past your resistances, and be present to the process. You have way more courage than you recognize. As you move through each layer of clearing physical clutter, (or internal clutter) and experience a breakthrough, you will access parts of you that bring you delight and a new vitality. This is your “Yes.”

9. How is payment made?

You will receive an invoice that may be paid by credit card. If you need consideration for payment arrangements, please discuss that with me. All services must be paid in full before completion of a program.