Transformational Declutter Coach


1-on-1 Phone Coaching Sessions

My coaching sessions are customized for you and your specific needs. These sessions are perfect for anyone who is new to the declutter process or for those who may have worked with me before and need some additional support.

I’ll invite you to talk about your clutter, how it impacts you, and what your dreams are for a more open space. We’ll dialog about what happens to you emotionally (and physically) with your clutter. I will listen for ways in which I can help you through feelings of overwhelm around your clutter. And we’ll explore what belief systems or societal programming may be an undercurrent which quietly and unsuspectingly dictates the choices you make in your life.

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to who accepts you where you are in your life, and I can be that person for you. You are free to share whatever you wish, and at the speed with which you wish to share, as you move towards making your house feel like your true home.

In addition to me serving as someone who will encourage you every step of the way, you will receive practical, inspirational and spiritual insights and guidance on how to move through your declutter process.

With some willingness and awareness on your part, you can transform your life to one that feels more in alignment with your inner being. It would be my honor to assist you.

How to Get Started:

  1. Contact Ashi at 303.809.3554, or through my secure email at
  2. We will schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone session to explore your interests.
  3. We will then schedule your first 1-hour session to help you on your declutter journey.
  4. Sessions will be recorded and a digital recording sent to you.

Investment Details:

As a welcome and congratulations for taking a step towards a clutter free life, the Introductory rate for your first 1-on-1 Phone Session is $45.00.

Follow-up 1-on-1 Phone Sessions: $65.00

Providing compassionate service to women who are challenged with clutter, Ashi is a transformational declutter coach, speaker and award-winning author of Bless Your Mess. Her expertise incorporates clearing physical clutter, and specifically helping clients heal the internal clutter of unconscious beliefs – from which the physical clutter is originally created. From the practical to the spiritual, she guides women in transforming their lives from feeling overwhelmed by clutter to reclaiming ownership of their space and stepping into their joy. Contact Ashi to learn more.