Transformational Declutter Coach

Bless Your Mess is an invitation to those of you who feel overwhelmed, paralyzed, and helpless around your clutter. I understand your struggle, and even though you may not believe that is possible, I know you can move through this challenging time. I have walked many women through their clutter, so please know that you are not alone.

I wrote this book to help you consciously and lovingly clear your clutter, feel empowered around it, and claim your space for you.

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Praise for Bless Your Mess

This has become my declutter handbook. Sometimes it’s not the actual weeding out that’s most challenging – it’s the paralyzing aspect of deciding what to keep and what to send away. What I love most is the way it teaches you how to use your “inner knowing” to facilitate the declutter process – and for me, that’s made all the difference in the world.

—L. Hutchins, Denver, CO

After the “Imagining Your Possible Future” meditation, I needed to remove a physically beautiful piece of inherited family furniture from my home. This piece was in my childhood home where I was sexually molested. While I had memory of the incident, I did not make the connection between the furniture and the incident until I was viewing all the items in my home during the meditation! I have blessed it, and it is ready to be passed on to someone else to appreciate and enjoy. It was truly a light bulb “aha” moment that has been a trajectory shift for me into freedom and comfort in my bedroom as I continue to claim my space back, making it the oasis I want it to be.


Providing compassionate service to women who are challenged with clutter, Ashi is a transformational declutter coach, speaker and award-winning author of Bless Your Mess. Her expertise incorporates clearing physical clutter, and specifically helping clients heal the internal clutter of unconscious beliefs – from which the physical clutter is originally created. From the practical to the spiritual, she guides women in transforming their lives from feeling overwhelmed by clutter to reclaiming ownership of their space and stepping into their joy. Contact Ashi to learn more.